Welcome to My Recipe Jar!

Can’t decide what to cook for dinner tonight? Do you have numerous cookbooks but with only a handful of recipes you would use taking up precious shelf space? Wish you could have your recipes handy when you happen to be at the shops so you could pick up the ingredients for a meal? Do you want to share your recipes with your selected group of friends and wish they could do the same? If the answer is yes, then My Recipe Jar is for you.

My Recipe Jar is your own social network for recipes, connecting the people you love with the food you love. Store (type or simply take photos), edit, use and share all of your favourite recipes, and never have to think about what to cook for dinner again!

My Recipe Jar is the one and only place you will need to look for your favourite recipes including your Grandma’s legendary chocolate brownie recipe preserved in her own handwriting, create shopping lists and start your own social network for sharing recipes and tips with your friends.

Your recipe jar will grow with you and change as your tastes do, containing only your favourite recipes, made with love by the people you love. 'My Recipe Jar' will change the way you approach home cooking, making your life simpler and more organised. So, go on, give it a try.

Happy, stress-free, love-filled cooking!

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